2012 SAP Business with the slightly will the top Business feast elite viewpoints gathered


2012 SAP Business with slightly held in China National Convention Center in Beijing. General Assembly by the SAP executive board member Dr. Shi Weixue global executive senior vice president Hera, the Accenture global strategic and operational Senior Managing Director Don David, chairman of Innovation Works and chief executive officer Lee Kai Fu et al, for SAP has five major markets: enterprise applications Experience, business analytics, mobile commerce, database and technology platform to make.

Continuously strengthen the functions of SAP products, as well as a full range of solutions with the company long-term commitment of the cities in China's development and future, I am confident that the SAP company. In China, we have not only more than 5,700 customers, there are a number of partners, China is not only one of the important markets of the SAP, but also an important part of the global innovation chain. Tat policy as SAP Gold Partner suppliers in the SAP based on, the greater extent of opening up the Chinese market.

SAP executive director Dr. Shi Weixue delivered an important speech: on the far-reaching impact on the next-generation platform for innovation, SAP HANA

SAP Executive Board member of the person in charge of the Shiwei Xue, Ph.D., Technology and Innovation Dr. Shi Weixue (Dr. Vishal Sikka) delivered a wonderful speech to highlight how we can make use of the concept of design thinking to solve complex problems on large data in real time, improve performance and significantly reduce IT management fees;, and how to update the application software based on SAP HANA platform, in the case of business interruption, business analytics, cloud computing and mobile business solutions. SAP HANA for us to open a new chapter - data, knowledge and expertise of all mankind immediately available, completely change and enhance the way we work and the quality of life at the same time to go beyond the way we imagine.

2.SAP China business with a little speech: about the second day of the senior vice president of global executive Hera SAP help China's sustainable development

In midsummer of 2012, SAP Business with slightly as about and to. "The Yun Taolue promote change total development" - SAP will be deeper and ladies and gentlemen, to explore how the effective use of information technology to cope with changes in the world today, to achieve sustainable economic and social development.

SAP's vision is to make the lives of people around the world a better place. From birth to 40 years, SAP has the wisdom of experience to continue to bring value to customers, and grow together. In China, SAP witness and participate in the economic and social changes and development. Today's China, the industrial structure and mode of development, are facing challenges. Change the development model to enhance industrial competitiveness, the central task of China's economic transformation.

SAP as the world's leading software vendors, solutions based on industry-led development capabilities are developed specifically to the characteristics of the industry. SAP solutions can support the difficulties encountered in the different industries, different industries, and switch.

SAP aware mobile applications, big data and cloud computing now changing the way people live and work. Three major trends in the development, we have been able to go beyond the technical conditions and limitations, and to provide a more convenient, fast, and effective solutions. For example, the sales staff update order via handheld terminals. These new solutions, makes our work a huge, unprecedented changes; behind these changes are innovative to promote and role. Innovation is one of the basic elements of SAP's success.

SAP has five major markets: enterprise applications, business analytics, mobile commerce, database and technology platform, and cloud computing. Comprehensive solutions with the company long-term commitment to the local market, in China's development and future, I am confident that the SAP company. Not only do we have more than 5,700 customers, there are many partners in China; China is not only one of the important markets of the SAP, the SAP global innovation chain

Kai-fu Lee appeared SAP Business with slightly will explain: innovation and value creation

Dr. Kai-fu Lee to us in the General Assembly to highlight the relationship between innovation and value creation, he mentioned that innovation is the essence of creating customer value, of any detachment user demand innovation are useless. We require entrepreneurs to user needs first. I think that the narrow sense not to locate innovation, innovation, business model innovation, operational execution of innovation.
China's iPhone and Android smartphones has more than 100 million units, more than 2000 yuan smartphone users are already very full. That may arise in the future more 1000 yuan smartphone to smartphone users in China to add 200 million people. Characteristics of the new users may be getting younger and younger, entertainment applications and social direction will have a good future.
China is currently the development of enterprise-class mobile applications for consumer mobile applications is relatively slow. I believe this situation in the next 10 years there will be a huge change. In some industries, such as e-commerce and retail industries, entrepreneurs and managers have started to wake up, the use of large data in order to optimize the product or process, or even to develop new products.